Ralph Wenz Airport

Ralph Wenz Field has over 20 based aircraft, 19 privately-owned hangars, and 2 hangars owned by the Town of Pinedale. The airport has a full service Fixed Base Operator, Emblem Aviation (307-367-2290), providing aircraft fueling, maintenance, and hangar facilities to based and transient aircraft. Services include the following:

  • Aircraft Fueling
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Towing
  • Aquatic Center Membership
  • Assisted Self-Service 100LL
  • Catering Arrangements
  • Comfortable Crew Lounge
  • Complimentary Coffee, Sodas, Ice and Bottled Water
  • Complimentary Wireless Internet
  • Concierge Services
  • Conference Room
  • Flight Planning Computers
  • Full and Self-Service Jet-A
  • GPU – Ground Power Units
  • Passenger and Baggage Assistance
  • Passenger Lobby
  • Satellite Television
  • Transient and Based Hangar Rental

The Pinedale Airport, also known as Ralph Wenz Field, is located approximately 6 miles southeast of Pinedale, Wyoming. It is a busy general aviation airport regularly used by larger business jet aircraft and smaller single and multi-engine aircraft.

The airport was named in memory of Ralph Wenz, who was well known in the Pinedale area and was involved with testing cold weather equipment as a navigator in the Army Air Corps in Alaska. He died in an airplane crash in Alaska in 1947.

Humble Beginnings

The airport started as a grass landing strip in the late 1940s. The first paved runway, constructed in the 1950s, was 60 by 4,400 feet. In 1968, the runway was lengthened to 6,600 feet with funds raised by local businessmen.

Airport Expansion

There were several land acquisition projects over the years to accommodate future airport expansion. In 1985, a new 100-by-7,100-foot runway was constructed south of the old runway, which was converted into a taxiway. In 2000, the old taxiway was removed and replaced with a new 35-by-7,100-foot taxiway. In the fall of 2007, construction of a new access roadway began to accommodate a 1,800-foot runway extension which was completed in August 2008, bringing the total runway length to 8,900 feet. This added length gives aircraft currently using the airport greater operational stage lengths, which means they will be able to put on more fuel to travel greater distances without stopping to refuel. This is especially important during the hotter summer months when the airport’s 7,085-foot elevation makes it more difficult for aircraft to take off with a full load of fuel and passengers.

The airport is located at 9357 Highway 191, approximately 6 miles from Pinedale.

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