Parks and Recreation

We take pride in our beautiful Town parks and hope you are able to enjoy the scenery and peace on a leisurely walk, or enjoy a lively event with your friends and family.  We strive to offer our residents and visitors safe, fun, and attractive parks.  The Town maintains over 100 acres of parks for all to enjoy.  If you have a picnic in the park or take your dog on a walk, please be sure to pick up after yourself.  Please contact the town if you see something that needs maintained and call 911 if you see any suspicious activities.

American Legion Park

The American Legion Park is on the north end of town, visible from Pine Street / Highway 191. This park has picnic tables, a gazebo, a paved path, and public restrooms that are open 24/7. Public parking and restrooms are accessible from Madison Avenue, just west of Big J’s Auto Parts store.

Boyd skinner Park

Boyd Skinner Memorial Park is located 2 blocks south of Pine Street / Highway 191. Turn south on Franklin at the Town Hall and travel 2 blocks. This park offers children’s playground equipment, a children’s fishing pond, picnic tables, a paved exercise / walking path, a foot bridge across Pine Creek, and public restrooms which are open seasonally (Memorial Day to Labor Day).

Burzlander Park

Burzlander Park, also known as Sledding Hill, is a natural space located east of Town on Fremont Lake Road and Skyline Street. The park has been used primarily for sledding. It does not have bathrooms or other facilities.

Trails Creek Park

Trails Creek Park is located on North Jackson Street or Soda Lake Road. This park has a playground but no permanent bathroom facilities. A portable toilet is available during the summer.

dudley key fields

The Dudley Key Fields include two standard softball fields, a little league field and a soccer field. Restrooms are open for league play.


The Town accepts reservations for the use of Town parks, including the American Legion Park gazebo, amphitheater and the ball fields.

Reservations for the ball fields or Town parks are accepted at the Town Hall during regular business hours or can be submitted via email.  Payment and the deposit for park, American Legion Park gazebo / amphitheater and ball field use is required at the time of reservation.  Reservations are on a first come first served basis.

Unscheduled use of the ball fields are allowed, on a first come, first served basis.  Scheduled use will take precedence.  Please refer to the calendar for availability.  Ball Fields are subject to closure without notice to allow for maintenance and seasonal requirements.  Violations of closures may result in a fine.

Fees and Deposits

  • Ball Fields: League fee is $1.00 per person (payable before league play) and must be accompanied by the residency roster that indicates how many participants are Town residents versus county residents.  Deposit is $100.00, due prior to league play.  Hours are restricted, in that all activity must be completed by 10:00 PM.  Please see reservation form for additional use details.
  • Parks:  Deposit and fee are based on the number of people in your group.  Refer to the reservation form for additional use details.

Wildlife visits our parks too

Be cautious, do not approach or feed the animals!