Engineering and Zoning

Water, sewer, and streets are three of the biggest priorities for the Town. The Engineering and Zoning department works closely with the Department of Public Works and the Town Council to help provide a long term plan to maintain quality infrastructure in this town.  The department is also applying for grants via the Wyoming Department of Trasportation, the State Revolving Fund, and federal grants.

Safe RoutEs to School

This summer we are constructing a bike path along North Jackson Avenue and to the Pinedale Elementary School.  This is being funded by a Wyoming Department of Transportation Grant, The Town, Sublette County Recreation Board, and the Sublette County School District #1.

Zoning is here to protect you, your neighbors, and the Town.  If you have a question about the zoning of a property please call the Town or refer to the County map server.

Sublette County MapServer

The Sublette County Map Server is a wonderful tool to see property information, zoning, and more by using the layers on the right side of the page.

Access Map Server



Permits are required prior to new construction, some building modifications, new fencing, and signage. If you do not know if your project requires a permit, please contact the Director of Engineering and Zoning, we are here to help.

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