Animal Control and Code Enforcement

We are here to serve and provide a safe place for Pinedale citizens and pets.   We assist with public safety by ensuring animals have appropriate vaccinations through licensing and minimizing public contact with nuisance animals.

We enforce Town animal ordinances pertaining to our leash laws, cruelty to animals, and impounding of dangerous/vicious animals, and investigation of animal bites.

You might also see us driving around town in our Dog Truck.  We picks-up and contain stray, sick/injured, feral, and/or unwanted and captured domestic animals, transporting them to appropriate destination.  We perform emergency animal rescue service, emergency night call service, and animal first aid when required.  We also sets traps to capture evasive domestic and feral animals.

We also enforce established municipal code.  If there is a nusence on your block, we are here to help.

The Animal Control Facility is located at 69 Pinedale South County Road on the south end the Town Shop. The facility contains indoor kennels with a sound proof barrier, bathing station, and office. Should your dog turn up missing, check with us to see if it has been brought to our shelter. Animals are kept for 5 days, after which time they may be adopted if we cannot determine the owner.

Pinedale has a Leash Law Ordinance, (#122-1 “Control” and #122-7). Please keep your dog on a leash for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

Dogs at Large Fines

  • $50 for first offense if animal is spayed or neutered. Fines increase for subsequent offenses.
  • $150 for first offense if animal is not spayed or neutered. Fines increase for subsequent offenses.
  • Dogs MUST be leashed within the Town of Pinedale or they are considered to be at large.

Happy Endings Animal Rescue is funded by private contributions, grants and local city and county funding. HEAR works closely with the Town and county animal control to make sure that all pets, whether owner relinquished or picked up as strays, find loving, forever homes. HEAR works to help all animals, behaviorally and medically challenged, not yet weened and senior pets, by working with other shelters, local veterinarians, our volunteers and foster families to help pets in need. HEAR is a small, non-profit, all volunteer organization without its own facility and each animal is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Happy Endings Animal Rescue

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