Mar 29

Pine Creek Potential Flooding Information

Posted on March 29, 2017 at 3:50 PM by Parris Crooks

It has been a unique weather year for Wyoming, with a record amount of snow. When snow melts from the Wind River Mountains it drains into Fremont Lake, where it is stored and then discharged from a controlled spillway into Pine Creek. Fremont Lake is a natural lake with usable storing, or draining, of less than 4 feet. The dam was designed for water storage and was never intended for effective flood control. Since February water has been increasingly discharged from the lake spillway in an effort to make as much room as possible for increased snowmelt. The lake is currently receiving about 40-50 cubic feet per second (cfs) from Pine Creek above the lake and the lake spillway is being drained at about 285 cfs. With the current inflow and outflow the lake is decreasing about a tenth of a foot every day. As can be seen, this small 230 cfs difference can change the lake height one foot in 10 days. Inflows to the lake could exceed 2,000 cfs for extended periods of time this spring and summer. Already, with 60 years of flow data we are receiving record inflows for Fremont Lake. Lat Straley, the ditch rider, is closely monitoring the weather, climate, lake levels, and flow data to adjust the outflow spillway in an attempt to minimize the risks of flooding this spring and summer.
Additional updates will be provided on our website and information can be found at the following websites:
State Engineers Flow Data:
National Weather Service Updates:
Water flow information can be found at USGS:,

Feb 27

Bleeding Water Lines

Posted on February 27, 2017 at 2:39 PM by Parris Crooks

Hi, this is Bob Jones with the Town of Pinedale. I’d like to take a minute to remind you about a few things that may be unique to cold weather operations in Pinedale.

As most of you know, we have several water lines freeze every year. Our prolonged cold temperatures cause the ground to freeze down below most of the water lines in town. If a water line is in frozen ground, it will freeze, and it is very difficult and expensive to thaw the line.  To avoid freezing, the water in the lines must be moving. Over the past several years the Town of Pinedale has redesigned and replaced almost all of the water lines with a new looped system that keeps the water in constant motion so the mains won’t freeze. The water line from the town main to your building is your responsibility and it is not looped. This means it will freeze if you don’t keep water moving through it at all times when the ground is frozen. The best way to do this is to have a small valve installed at the end of your water system that can be turned on in the fall before the ground freezes and turned off in late spring when the ground thaws. If you don’t have such a valve you can open a faucet and let water run. Just make sure someone doesn’t accidentally turn it off. That’s why we recommend an isolated dedicated valve that won’t be accidentally turned off. The town has given everyone a 40,000 gallon monthly water allowance in your water bill. So you can afford to bleed or run the required water so you don’t freeze up. One last thing regarding bleeding. Don’t be fooled by a few days or weeks of warm weather. The ground down deep is still frozen and will freeze your water service in short order.

I know I don’t need to tell you but we have had a lot of snow this year and the guys in public works have been working hard to keep our roads passable under difficult conditions. We have limited places to put the snow and it takes a lot of maneuvering to accomplish our job. So, please be careful as you approach a piece of equipment on the road or in a parking lot. We try, but it is hard   to see to the sides and behind us. I would hate to see someone get hurt over trying to save a minute or two. By the way, I tell the guys their number one often. You probably don’t need to give them the number one sign when there is a small delay. We are doing our best.

Thanks and Have a great day.

Feb 16

Critical Access Hospital

Posted on February 16, 2017 at 2:12 PM by Parris Crooks

 As most of you know there has been a great deal of discussion about the future of health care in Sublette County. It appears a final decision from the County Commissioners regarding the Critical Access Hospital may be coming relatively soon. Part of the equation is the financial participation from the towns. It is my understanding that Big Piney and Marbleton have decided not to participate in the financing of this project. The Pinedale Town Council previously decided to set aside 1 million dollars to help support the Critical Access Hospital. How this money was to be dispersed and used was briefly discussed but nothing was decided. It could be anything from a loan to an outright donation with no strings attached. If we move forward, obviously, the details need to be worked out.

The Council is doing a budget realignment and has added the 1 million dollars to this year’s budget. The new budget must have 3 public hearings before it becomes official. It has passed one reading and must pass two more. We are having a public meeting on Monday, February 27 at 5:00 at the library to discuss this matter. I would like to encourage you to come and express your opinion regarding the town’s financial support of this project.

Health care is a very important part of life in Sublette County. The town’s financial viability is also very important. Everyone has felt the results of declining revenues in the County and Towns. We can no longer support every good idea that comes along. This is a lot of money to take out of our reserves and the councils needs your input on this one. 1 million dollars is a lot of money for the Town of Pinedale. Please do your best to come to the meeting on the 27th at 5:00.