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Jun 07

Engineering Report Approval

Posted to Lead Information by Parris Crooks

Hi Stephen,

First off, I do apologize for the delayed response.

As you know the Town hired an engineering company to assess our situation.  The report has been completed and provided to the EPA and DEQ for their review. Because nothing has been approved, the Town will not be commenting on the details of the report until we have received approval from DEQ and EPA.  We feel that releasing the report before it is approved could cause unnecessary confusion.  Once the engineer's report has been approved and accepted, permit received, and Town Council approval, the information will become available to the public. 


You asked what role the DEQ plays in this process.  DEQ is responsible for reviewing all construction plans relating to our water and sewer operations.  Further questions as to the DEQ's role should be directed directly to the DEQ.  You can contact Rich Cripe at 777-7075. 


The free testing that the Town provided to our customers was not restricted to Tier I households.  We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to assess their property.  We did not specifically test service lines, we tested the properties at a point of discharge, like a sink.  You would have to ask the EPA to explain why they prioritize Tier I properties.  Note that some of the properties which were tested had been siting for long periods of time without water flow, therefore the lead levels may not indicate what an active property would produce.  

Please note that we will be posting this email to our website. Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions,



Hayley A Ryckman, PE
Director of Engineering and Zoning
Town of Pinedale
Phone: 307-367-4136

On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 2:50 PM, Stephen Crane, Editor - Pinedale Roundup <> wrote:
Hey there Ms. Ryckman,
Just wanted to check in and get the latest updates on the proposed changes to the CCT. Where is the town in that process? What are the associated timelines looking ahead? 
In addition, you mentioned that the EPA expert said that soda ash would be a better bet, given our water chemistry. Do we have that in an email or anything I can take a look at? I'm looking for the background info for that stance. 
And I know it was said that the DEQ needs to be a part of that process. Can you explain what that involvement looks like? What is their jurisdiction? Primary concerns for a proposed CCT switch? 
Also, given the fairly narrow parameters related to Tier 1 households, do we know why we had so many test above that threshhold, I assume, outside those Tier 1 parameters? Strictly service lines? And the town passed those results along to the EPA, correct? Do we know what, if anything, the EPA will do with them? 
I think that covers it for now.

Stephen Crane, editor
Pinedale Roundup
May 31

Permits in Town

Posted to Town of Pinedale by Parris Crooks

Are you thinking about your next summer project of expanding your home, building a garage, installing a fence, or maybe replacing a business sign on a building? If so, you will need to apply for a permit with the Town of Pinedale. These permits are not expensive and are in place to make sure your project follows the Town ordinance requirements. You can visit our new permits and applications page on the Town website to find a summary of permits, permit applications and when they are and are not required.

A building permit is required for new construction on site, building additions, accessory structures such as a detached garage, shop, or shed, interior remodels resulting in a change of interior use, or installing prebuilt structures such as mobile homes. A building permit is not required for interior remodels that do not change the interior use or exterior of the building, building maintenance, or construction of small sheds that are less than 120 square feet. Commercial or public use building undergoing remodels or expansion may also require a State Fire Marshal Review and Department of Environmental Quality notice.

A demolition permit is required if you plan on demoing a building, this permit was adopted last summer to ensure that utilities are property caped and turned off. In addition, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Asbestos Program requires notice prior to demolishing or renovating a public or commercial building.

Fence permits are required for any fence over 4 feet in height.

Signs permits are required to minimize clutter on store fronts. Sign permits are required for new business signs, replacing an existing signs with a new building sign, or hanging banners. Off-site signs are not permitted on Pine Street since this is a WYDOT right of way.

Main Street Pinedale is a non-profit organization independent of the Town, and has funding opportunities for exterior improvements for commercial buildings and provides detailed design guidelines to help maintain the western Pinedale atmosphere. This info can be found on the Town website or

Remember that it is the law to call 811 before you dig. Even if your project does not require a permit, please call. While the Town does not permit digging in the Town right of way until mid- April, one can dig on private property and will receive a waiver from the Town to dig in the right of way for emergencies, such as a frozen water line.

Please visit the Town of Pinedale website for the permit applications and additional information. You can also contact Hayley with the Town at 307-367-4136 with questions about the requirements and process.