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Apr 17

Lead Result Question from PR

Posted to Lead Information by Parris Crooks

Below is a question from Pinedale Roundup and the Town's response.

Just a quick clarification on the recent lead-testing results.  I know the statement says 143 signed up, which was reiterated last night. However, I have a quote from the Feb. 27 council meeting in which you say that "about 250 (people) signed up for that."  I've also received other reports that put the number at over 200 as well.  So, I 'm wondering if the recent results are a partial list and we're waiting on more, or if that's the extent of the town's testing.  It seems a difference of 100 or so is not insignificant.

We had approximately 225 sign-ups for the free lead tests.  We have tested and received results for 143 properties.  Another 20 or so properties are seasonal residences and will be tested in the early summer.  That leaves approximately 60 properties that signed up for the lead test but never scheduled one.  We made multiple efforts to contact these property owners via email and phone calls.  The majority of the properties that did not schedule a test were rental properties. The rental manager signed up for the tests but left it up to the renters to schedule the test.
Spencer Hartman
Town of Pinedale
May 26

Updates to Town Code

Posted to Town of Pinedale by Parris Crooks

The Town Council of Pinedale recently passed several ordinances that were intended to bring the Town Codes up-to-date and more reasonable for everyday application.

In February of this year, ordinance number 597 amending Chapter 440-Vehicles and Traffic, Article V: Stopping, Standing and Parking was approved and adopted.  As the title of the chapter may allude, this ordinance made changes to parking in town.  The changes made in this chapter have been in effect since March 10, 2017.

In addition, ordinances passed amending both Chapter 460-Water and Sewer, Articles I, II, and III, Chapter 122-Animals, in its entirety, and creation of a new Chapter 160-Applications and Permit.  These ordinances were approved and adopted on May 22, 2017 and will be in effect beginning June 2, 2017.

In addition, a resolution was adopted on the 22nd of May settings rates and fees for various permits, licenses, and water sewer rates for the Town of Pinedale.  The fees and rates will become effective June 15, 2017.  The water and sewer rate fee portion of the resolution may be found on

Copies of any of the ordinances or resolutions can be requested from Town Hall or may be viewed online once they are codified.  Please see the link to the Town Code on