Water & Wastewater

Water and Sewer Rates 

During the past few years the Town of Pinedale installed water meters in all homes and businesses.  We are transitioning to metered water and sewer rates starting in September.  

The amount billed has not been adequate to sustain the Town’s water and sewer accounts, each of which has been continually subsidized by our general fund. Pursuant to Wyoming State Statutes 15-7-407 and 15-7-508, our water and sewer accounts are each required to be self-sustaining.  The new rates that are being implemented have been established as the result of an extensive, professional rate study. Click here for the full rates study and this link for the supplemental rates provided by the consultant.

We have transitioned from quarterly bills and are now sending out monthly bills. Each bill indicates prior and current meter readings, along with the number of gallons of water used during the 30-day period, from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next month.  

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Please visit or call the Town Hall, 367-4136, if you have any questions relating to the new rates.