Applications & Permits


Below you will find the list of required permits, useful references, when permits are and are not required, and application instructions. While the information provided below includes a summary, one should refer to the permit application for specific requirements. All forms and documents are available online and in the Town Hall (currently located at Public Works and Animal Control at 61 S County Road 123).

For legal property information and the zone, refer to the Sublette County GIS.

If you are unsure if you need a permit or if you have questions about the process, please call the Town Hall at 367-4136 or email Hayley at

811 call before you dig
Regardless of the permit type, remember to call 811 before you dig and after the permit has been issued! Calling 811 is the law!

Common Permit Applications
  • Fence Permit
  • Sign Permit
  • Demolition Permit
  • Water & Sewer Connection, Water Meter Application
Building Permit Applications
  • Building Permits (general information)
  • Residential Building Permit
  • Multi-family Building Permit
  • Commercial/non-residential
Excavation in Town Right of Way
  • Excavation in a Right Of Way Permit
  • Emergency Excavation Waiver
Zoning /Map Amendment Applications
  • Variance Request Application   
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Map Amendment / Zone Change
  • Subdivision Application
  • Annexation Permit
  • Itinerant Merchant Permit
  • Temporary Use Permit
  • Bond Release
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Ordinance Language Amendment

Common Construction Permit Applications

Fence Permit Application

  • Fee: $5.00
  • A Fence Permit is required prior to building a fence on any property.  The table below lists the height maximums for the front of the property, while the bottom row indicated the maximum height for the sides and rear fence heights of the lot.

Maximum Fence Heights

Sign Permit Application

  • Fee: $1/square foot ($25 minimum)

Sign Permit Information

Demolition Permit Application

  • Fee: $5.00
  • A Demolition Permit is required for residential or commercial property prior to demolition of a fixed building connected to Town water and/or sewer within the Town of Pinedale. 
  • Inspection:The water and sewer service lines must be capped in the horizontal and inspected prior to backfill.
  • Click here for the Demolition Permit Application
  • Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Asbestos Program.Wyoming DEQ
    • The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Asbestos Program requires notice prior to demolishing or renovating a public or commercial building. The asbestos regulations in Wyoming do not extend to private residences, unless the renovation or demolition activity is being performed to allow the property/facility to become public/facility to become public and private.
    • Refer to the Wyoming DEQ Asbestos Program website for additional information.

Water and Sewer Connection and/or Water Meter Request

  • Fee: Refer to the permit application for connection and water meter fees.
  • A Water and Sewer Connection Permit is required prior to obtaining water and/or sewer services from the Town of Pinedale. The water and sewer connections shall be purchased and installed at the cost of the customer. 
  • A water meter is required by the Town and shall be purchased from the Town and installed at the expense of the customer.  All new construction requires meters to be installed in an outdoor meter pit.
  • Inspection: Public Works must be present when the contractor/plumber is tapping the town water and sewer main and before backfilling the connection. The water meter must be purchased from the Town at the expense of the applicant.  The meter may be installed by the applicant.  Pit meters must be inspected by public works prior to backfill. All installed meters must be programmed by public works for proper operation. 
  • Click here for the water and sewer connection and water meter connection request.

Building Permit Applications

General Information

Fee: The table below includes building permit fees for residential, commercial/non-residential, and multi-family buildings.  If construction costs exceed $500,000 the permit application requires Planning and Zoning and Town Council review and approval.

Commercial Building Permit Fees

When building permits are and are not required:
Commercial Building Permit

Setback, height, lot size, and open space requirements:
The table below includes the various requirement restrictions for any proposed structures built within the different zones. A variance permit is required for any proposed structure that will not meet these restrictions.

Zone District Requirements


  • Inspection:
    • A licensed surveyor or licensed engineer shall conduct a wall check to verify that the constructed structure meets all required setbacks
    • Water, sewer, and water meter inspections
    • Grease trap inspections for commercial kitchens

Residential Building Permit

Multi-family Building Permit

Commercial/Non-Residential Building Permit

  • Town Ordinance requires all commercial (non-residential) building permits, with permit fees over $5000, to go through the public hearing process (Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council).
  • Click here for the Commercial Building Permit Application.
  • Wyoming State Fire Marshal Review

    Wyoming State Fire Marshal
    • Wyoming State Statute (§35-9-108) requires State Fire Marshal review and approval of new building construction plans and plans for remodeling with costs over $25,000 prior to beginning work on the following types of buildings:
    • Building and structures owned/leased by State or Local Government Entities.
    • All buildings for public access that exceed 5,000 square feet total floor area (including the basement), or exceed one story in height.
    • Buildings used for child care centers for more than 10 children.
    • Buildings used as public bars, lounges, restaurants, night clubs, lodge halls, theaters, churches or public meeting places regardless of size.
    • Public or private above ground fuel dispensing facilities.
  • Refer to the State Fire Marshal website for additional information.
  • Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Asbestos Program

    Wyoming DEQ
    • The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Asbestos Program requires notice prior to demolishing or renovating a public or commercial building. The asbestos regulations in Wyoming do not extend to private residences, unless the renovation or demolition activity is being performed to allow the property/facility to become public/facility to become public and private.
    • Refer to the Wyoming DEQ Asbestos Program website for additional information.
  • Main Street Pinedale Program

    Main Street Pinedale
  • Sublette County Health

    • If your project involves a renovation, expansion, or construction or a restaurant, grocery store or convenient store, day care, senior center, or public building with a kitchen, you should contact the Sublette County health inspector to ensure food and health safety compliance and for a plan review.
    • Sublette County Sanitarian (Health Inspector): Alan Huston, w: 307-367-2754, c: 307-749-0275,

Excavation in Town Right Of Way

Fee:  The table below includes right of way permit application fees.  If the right of way excavation is to take place in the winter, an additional $80 may apply.  In addition to the bond payment, all work must be financially guaranteed for one year.

ROW Excavation Fees

Excavation Permit

  • Fee: $100 paved / $25 dirt streets + bond
  • Permit is required prior to all excavations within the Town right of way (ROW), such as driveway installation, installation and maintenance of utilities, sidewalk, boardwalk, curbs, gutters, and street paving within any street, digging up
  • Permits will not be issued from November 1 through April 15th, except in cases of emergencies.
  • Click here for the right of way excavation permit application.
  • Inspection:  An inspection is required prior to backfilling.

Emergency Excavation Waiver

  • In the event of any emergency in which a sewer, water main, conduit or service utility in or under any street breaks, bursts or otherwise is in such condition as to immediately endanger the property, life, health or safety or any individual, the person owning or controlling such sewer, main, conduit or utility, without first applying for and obtaining a right-of-way permit hereunder, shall immediately take proper emergency measures to cure or remedy the dangerous conditions for the protection of property, life, health and safety of individuals.
  • Each applicant shall immediately, or as soon as practical, notify the Town Engineer of any event regarding its facilities which is considered to be an emergency. The applicant may proceed to take whatever actions are necessary to respond to the emergency.

Frozen water or sewer lines

Refer to this document for additional information about thawing frozen water and sewer service lines.


Zoning / Map Amendment Applications

Pinedale Zoning Map

Variance Application

  • Fee: $25
  • Variances to the provisions and requirements of this chapter shall not be granted except in very extreme cases. The Town Council is authorized to grant variances in order to prevent extreme difficulty or extreme hardships and if the Town Council deems a variance absolutely necessary to the public interest.
  • The Town Council shall not grant a variance if the extreme difficulty or hardship was self-inflicted by the applicant d the Town Council shall not grant variances for other than extreme cases. (Ch. 400-118)
  • Click here for the variance application.

Conditional Use Permit

  • Fee: $500
  • Conditional Use Permits vary depending on the zone district.  However, generally for in C-1, C-2, I-1, and I-2 the conditional use permits are required for animal clinics, animal boarding facilities, animal shelters, gaming establishments, recreational vehicle parks and campgrounds, meat processing facilities, and use of chemicals and hazardous wastes. 
  • For additional development standards, refer to the Town Code, §475-109, §75-189, §475-316, and §475-319.
  • Click here for the conditional use permit application.

Map Amendment / Zone Change

Subdivision Application

  • Fee: $5
  • Application is required for subdivisions of 3 lots or more including planned unit developments, lot splits on previously platted or divided parcels, lot line amendments, and county subdivisions within the 1–mile radius of the Town Boundary.
  • Click here for the subdivision application.

Annexation Application

  • Fee: $500
  • The Town of Pinedale encourages all properties that are contiguous or close to the Town Boundary to consider annexation prior to going through County zone change and/or subdivision processes.
  • Properties are only eligible for annexation if water and sewer service can feasibly be extended to the property.  Properties wishing to maintain individual services will not be considered.
  • Click here for the annexation application.


Itinerant Merchant Application

  • Fee: $100/week (2 weeks maximum per year)
  • Itinerant merchants are individual operations selling items for short periods of time as they pass through the area. Itinerant merchants are permitted in commercial districts only. Vendors as part of a festival or other event are permitted under the event's temporary use permit and are not considered itinerant merchants. The permit shall not exceed two weeks. Applications may be approved and issued by staff.
  • Click here for the itinerant merchant application.

Temporary Use Permit

  • Fee: $100
  • Temporary use permits are for intense short-term activities and structures that may not otherwise be permitted on a permanent basis in the zoning district.
  • Permits are also required for any uses that impact public rights-of-way in Town (abnormal use, storage, closure, reduced flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic).
  • Applications may be approved, approved with conditions or denied if the impact of the proposed event is found to materially adversely impact the health, safety or welfare of the residents of the Town. Permits may be renewed after the same consideration process as the initial permit application.
  • Click here for the temporary use permit application.

Bond Release

  • No release of the financial guarantee shall take place without the prior. The financial guarantee will be returned upon expiration of the warranty period and proving that subject work has not been rendered unsatisfactory due to poor installation conditions as determined by the Town.
  • Click here for the bond release form. 

Letter of Authorization

  • Often property owners have engineers, architects, etc. that are engaged to work on their behalf. A signed and dated letter of authorization is required from the property owner prior to Town staff interacting with any such agent on the property owner’s behalf. 
  • Click here for a sample letter of authorization.

Ordinance Language Amendment


Click here for approved permits from January 2015 up through March 14, 2016.