Code Enforcement

The duties of code enforcement are carried out by staff in the Municipal Code Enforcement Department.  The duties of department members include being responsible for enforcing the non-criminal sections of the town ordinance and working with the Sheriff's Office to enforce the criminal sections of the town ordinance. The Sublette County Sheriff's Office is contracted to provide law enforcement to the Town of Pinedale. Code enforcement involves town staff in many departments.  The main responsibilities relate to parking, snow removal, nuisances, citizen disputes, unregistered vehicles, and zoning violations.  The primary duty of town staff is to help citizens resolve problems in a friendly manner.

The general policy is to provide warnings to individuals and to attempt to resolve issues without issuing a citation. Since enforcement of the town ordinance is relatively new, the town recognizes there is a transition period for residents to become familiar with the ordinance and frequent warnings are given. 

Most Frequent Ordinance Issues 
  • Parking on the street over 48 hours: Any vehicle must be moved off the streets of Pinedale after 48 hours.This is to allow others the chance to park in the street (particularly in commercial areas) at various locations and maintain access for snow removal. The only exception is for passenger vehicles (automobiles, pickup trucks and vans), if they are parked in front of a homeowner's property. Vehicle owners may be required to move their vehicle if that is needed for repairs, maintenance, snow removal or other problems.
  • Parking in yellow: It is important to keep out of the yellow in order to maintain site distance for vehicles on side streets pulling out.
  • Parking in handicapped zone without a permit.
  • No current registration: No vehicle may be parked either on town streets or on private property without being registered.
  • Maintain property values by reducing unsightly yards, etc.
  • Abandoned vehicles: Will be given a warning that it must be moved within 48 hours. Vehicles will be towed at the owners expense, plus a $25 per day storage fee. A warning will be given, and after 48 hours the vehicle will be towed.
  • Parking properly on the street, i.e., same direction as the flow of traffic.  Driver's side to edge of roadway or passenger's side within 18 inches of the curb.
We strive to be friendly and helpful.  A consistent approach to enforcement is our goal, but if we miss something please contact us.