Animal & Code Enforcement

Animal Control is a part of our Municipal Code Enforcement Department.  It is responsible for public safety concerning domestic animals within the town limits. Public safety is maintained by ensuring animals have appropriate vaccinations through licensing and minimizing public contact with nuisance animals. The staff works in conjunction with the Sheriff's Office on abandonment and animal cruelty cases. The primary responsibility of the staff is for domestic animals, but we will trap feral cats, skunks, and raccoons. All other wild animal cases should be directed to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

The Animal Control Facility is located at 69 Pinedale South County Road on the south end the Town Shop. The facility contains indoor kennels with a sound proof barrier, bathing station, and office. Should your dog turn up missing, check with us to see if it has been brought to our shelter. Animals are kept for 5 days, after which time they may be adopted if we cannot determine the owner.

Pinedale has a Leash Law Ordinance, (#122-1 "Control" and #122-7). Please keep your dog on a leash for everyone's safety and enjoyment. 

Dogs at Large Fines
  • $50 for first offense if animal is spayed or neutered. Fines increase for subsequent offenses.
  • $150 for first offense if animal is not spayed or neutered. Fines increase for subsequent offenses.
  • Dogs MUST be leashed within the Town of Pinedale or they are considered to be at large.
Dog Truck
Our animal control officer drives a white truck, which has 6 dog compartments, three on each side, which are heated for the winter months. The vehicle has a sign, Town of Pinedale, Animal Control.